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Rabu, 26 Januari 2011


You want to have sons and daughters who master the science of Hadith and Quran faqih in worship but do not want to leave school? Then Pondok Pesantren An- Nur Sragen is the right choice . This boarding school provides teaching of the Quran Hadiths as well as provide opportunities for santrinya to continue their general education in junior high, high school and vocational school near you.

Pesantren An- Nur Sragen is one institution of Al-Quran and Al- Hadith under management LDII (Institute of Indonesian Islamic Da'wah). The location is very strategic, that is entered 50 meters from Jl . Raya Karanganyar - Sragen, right next to Sragen City Hospital. Or drive 5 (five) minutes (2.6 KM) of Sragen Station Jalan Salak . Exact address Gudang Kapok Village District Sragen Wetan, Sragen City, Central Java Province. Contact / Phone Number 0271-7084094.

Boarding School which began operational in 1998, was until now has graduated 600 (six hundred) people of preachers mubaligh. Currently Ponpes An Nur accommodate 150 students who come from various regions in Indonesia. Ponpes led by Drs. H. Mungin MM and was raised by 15 people this teacher has a mosque facilities, Auditorium , Office room, living room, students dormitory comprised three sons dorm room and consists of seven girl's room. Teachers board chairman is H. Anas Nasrulloh .

Uniqueness of Pesantren An- Nur include:
  • It is strategically located only 50 meters from the provincial highway.
  • very low cost that is only Rp 75.000, - ( luma seventy thousand rupiah ) per month is including meal money and lodging costs.
  • Being in the educational environment, students of school age could well continue their general education schools, junior high or high school, nearby.
  • Knowledge transfer using Javanese language.
  • Neighborhood activities blend with the environment.
Seemed the two leaders of Ponpes An- Nur Sragen, Drs. H. Mungin MM and H. Anas Nasrulloh and atmosphere of learning and teaching in the Masjid At- Taqwa An- Nur Islamic Boarding School in Sragen , Central Java Province

Good deed of the students building boarding facility


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